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April 2013: We're Hiring!

We are currently looking for a talented sysadmin to help us keep our hosted service platform up and running and increase automation across the board. Our team is based near Farringdon in London.

DevOps-minded Sysadmin

Do you have a successful track-record building and running a multi-site, internet-facing service? We are looking for someone with at least 2 years relevant experience to get involved in designing, developing and deploying our service from the metal up. Full details in the job spec.

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Why Join Us?

Our innovation lies in our (restricted) natural language parsing, code generation and high-performance reconciliation engines. We are currently focussed on bringing these technologies together as a user-friendly, online service. We have a deeply talented team whom we keep busy by providing varied and intellectually challenging work in a fun environment.

  • We do this because we enjoy it, and because we've been doing it since we were young. If you truly like being creative and coming up with solutions, you will be amongst equals.
  • You are going to learn a lot about language design and R&D of high-performance, distributed systems.
  • We run happy hacking week at least once every quarter. You get to work on whatever you want. If we tell you otherwise, you can tell us to go away!
  • We're not afraid to try new technologies or processes. We're more afraid of the old ones!
  • We can offer the hard technical problems of very large companies - but you actually get to solve them instead of playing politics!
  • We're well connected, in academia, in the finance industry and with other software companies.
  • We go home at 6. Heroics are kept to a minimum.
The Office